NBA Weekly Picks Insider Report

Lots of people have speculated about Kobe Bryant's future lately because of the harms that he has endured. He will not play the rest of this season because of an injury, and he seldom played at full strength at all this year. He is made it clear that he desires to be a Laker, but that may not be the best option for him to win a tournament. Bryant recently said that hasn't thought about retirement,vert shock review but rather, thinking about a vocation "rebirth." He has acquired a lot of inspiration in the San Antonio Spurs winning the tournament last season with a group of aging veterans.

San Antonio is also a group of selfless players that may do anything to make their team and teammates better. It can be claimed that Bryant is not that way.

I don't believe Bryant was hinting that he desires to play in San Antonio, or that he thinks the Lakers can be as high as the Spurs. Critics could have a field day with his remarks determined by how they interpret them. Bryant may draw inspiration from your veteran Spurs, but his attitude and conduct will not enable his Lakers to get anywhere near the point the Spurs are right now.

The Spurs are great not because they have been old. They're great because they have selfless players like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili. Duncan restructured his contract to take less money so your franchise could resign the key bits from last year's tournament team. Have we ever seen Bryant make such a move?

If he actually needs a "rebirth" in his career and makes a run for another tournament, he must reveal it instead of talk about it. Taking a pay cut would enable the franchise to sign one or two key free agents to plug some holes, along with the high draft pick which they should have.

Expert NBA Picks insiders report that the Lakers could turn things around after having two high draft picks in consecutive years, but they're handcuffed by Bryant's big contract. It's his choice whether he needs to restructure his contract or not, but if he is getting inspiration in the Spurs, then he is focusing on the erroneous facets if he doesn't do it. I don't have any reason to consider that he'll restructure his deal, and I definitely would not bet my money on that happening. If that's the case, then you definitely can wager that the Lakers will be near the bottom of the standings again next year.